TV Magazines

Day in and day out, television has become our constant companion and main source of information, always on, to keep us informed and entertained regardless of our concomitant activities. Nowadays there are more channels and programs than ever, and their diversity is truly amazing, and meant to suit every age group, from toddlers to pensioners, as well as the preferences of every single viewer. And since every type of production has its dedicated viewers, avid for anything related, they now have the opportunity to get more out of their favourite programs, by subscribing to TV magazines.

If you have a busy lifestyle and little time to plan those precious recreational moments in front of your television set, you might find certain programs don’t meet your expectations. To make sure that never happens, read their brief description and objective ratings in useful publications such as TV and Satellite Week Magazine, Total TV Guide England Magazine, Radio Times Magazine ( which also contains radio listings) and X Pose Magazine, to help you make an informed choice from a massive number of options. The minutes spent skimming through their pages could save you hours of disappointment and annoyance. To enjoy your chill out time to the fullest, don’t miss these guides.

It’s no secret that soap operas are very addictive, as they expose many issues related to contemporary society, ingeniously merging them into stories of intrigue, drama, romance and psychological struggles. If you’re among the millions of viewers glued to their TV screens every single episode, you will surely enjoy periodicals such as All About Soap Magazine and Soaplife Magazine, which will bring you soap storylines, interviews with the most popular actors, previews and a multitude of good quality photographs capturing scenes from the series you just can’t stop watching.

For the countless young fans of the internationally famous animated series The Simpsons, there is the riotous Simpsons The Comic Mag Magazine and Simpsons Comics Presents Magazine, containing a number of features such as the narration of the funniest Simpson adventures, competitions, occasional free gifts and a section for readers’ drawings. And whoever loves this cartoon probably enjoys Futurama as well, the work of the same producers, and would be delighted by Futurama Magazine.

Since it’s common practice for almost every prominent TV series to have its corresponding publication, to provide fans with a large variety of exciting features, you can look forward to every issue of periodicals such as Torchwood Magazine, Smallville Magazine, Lost Magazine, Heroes Magazine, Doctor Who Magazine and CSI Magazine.

If you’re into science fiction, you’ll find everything you need in the likes of Cult Times Magazine, Star Wars Magazine, Starburst Special Magazine and Stargate Magazine.

Moreover, when it comes to television and cinematography, you don’t have to limit yourself to being a simple spectator. To dig deeper into the film world, read the professional and thorough Sight & Sound Magazine, to discover various aspects in the making of legendary films through interviews with their creators.

Subscribing to these well-structured magazines will save you time and ensure you never miss anything that might be of interest to you, and as a bonus, you’ll get many relevant articles about celebrities you are fond of. So don’t spend ages looking through the guide on your television set, when choosing your viewings can be so much more entertaining.